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In the late 60's, our family, the Chandler's, discovered a pizzeria in Paris, IL.  This pizzeria soon became our family's favorite place to eat.  During this time, pizza restaurants were not a prominent type of restaurant to open; however, our parents, Lowell and Kathleen, believed they were lead by the Lord in this direciton and chose to take on the challenge that was set before them.

To face this challenge and fulfill a new dream, our parents had to work hard, save money, and search for a town that would be suitable for this new business.  In the attempt to make their dream come true, our parents considered the town of Taylorville, IL.  For various reasons, Taylorville was not the answer, so they continued to search.  Finally, their search ended when the Lord led the Chandler's to their new location, and soon to be new hometown of Litchfield.  In August of 1972, our parents opened the doors of our new family restaurant.

After moving to a new town and opening a new business, our parents were in search for a place to worship.  During this search, they met several new families in Litchfield that held the same religious beliefs; therefore, they decided to start a new church.  This church became the Christian Church of Litchfield.  We have fond memories of how we would move the tables at the from the center of the dining room, organize the chairs into several rows, place a handmade pulpit in front of the fireplace and every Sunday, the was transformed into a place of worship.  Today, our church has an established location on Yaeger Lake Trail with 200 members strong and growing.

Over the years, has establisehd very loyal clientele.  Our friends and customers from Litchfield and surrounding towns have been raised eating the thin crust pizza and the infamous "Original" submarine.  Over time, the menu has expanded to continue to please our customers.  Other items that have been added to the menu include the Chicago style deep-dish pizza, thick crust pizza, stuffed pizza, a variety of subs and a new line of pasta.

As with any hometown favorites, loyal customers grow up and move away for various reasons.  When family and friends travel back to Litchfield for visits, many return to the for great pizza and fond memories.  Many customers have graciously shared their childhood memories of growing up and eating at the  The family will always be grateful for being a part of those memories.

For these reasons, we are known as a family restaurant serving food in best cookware sets that will beautify the dining table. With the family being one of the most important components of life, we hope the memories that your family creates at the will always put a smile on your face each time you return.